February 29, 2024
two-color body design, silver roof, luggage compartment and hood, and the lower half of

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The first step, the preparation work before the car film, cleaning and installation of interior protection, the second step, according to the size of the window to cut the car film, the third step, front gear, rear gear and other window glass cleaning paste. The automobile interior mainly includes the following subsystems: dashboard system, auxiliary dashboard system, door guard system, ceiling system, seat system, post guard system, other driving room assembly system, cab air circulation system, luggage fitting system, engine cabin fitting system, carpet, seat belt, airbag, steering wheel, as well as interior lighting, interior acoustic system and so on.

two-color body design, silver roof, luggage compartment and hood, and the lower half of

The Muchan GRANDLIMOUSINE is based on the classic Muchan, with a two-color body design, silver roof, luggage compartment and hood, and the lower half of the body is divided into “Moroccan blue”. Bentley also offers a more domineering, pure black version of the car. In terms of interior decoration, the new car uses a large number of high-grade beige leather and solid wood panels, as well as privacy glass and front and rear windows that can change color with one click. The back seat is set in the opposite direction of four seats, or you can choose only two seats. There are three special clocks on the dashboard that show local time, British time and outdoor temperature, and the car is equipped with separate zone air conditioners in each seat. In addition, there is a car refrigerator in the middle of the back seat, which is full of luxury.

In the body and appearance part, the headlamp group is integrated with the water tank shield, and the side of the car continues the previous generation of simple line design. In the interior part, a large number of aluminum alloy trim plates are in sharp contrast to the dark interior, and the steering wheel and dashboard have also been redesigned, equipped with more electric heating seats, electric tail doors, raindrop induction wipers, and a reversing camera system, and a new movable luggage compartment device has been added in the rear car.

two-color body design, silver roof, luggage compartment and hood, and the lower half of

At the same time, the 2023 Harvard Red Rabbit supports proportional placement of the rear seats. after all, the trunk can be expanded to 952L, including clothing, food and some necessities of daily life. even small folding mountain bikes can be carried; and the instrument panel area, door area, luggage area and other areas have a total of 26 storage space for daily small items.

Product ⑸▔ floor decoration ⑹ decoration also includes car modification, car beauty and so on. The interior decoration of a car, mainly decorating the top cover, windows, body, wheels and other parts of the car. Its main content is the special spray decoration of automobile paint. Decorated with color strips and protective film. The front wind plate is decorated with the rear wing plate. The roof is decorated with a skylight. Car windshield decoration. Car decoration body large cage ■ hood decoration. Part of the body is decorated. Wheel decoration. Chassis spray guard decoration. Chassis lamp belt decoration. Roof luggage rack decoration. Car body interior decoration, mainly to the car cab and passenger room to stop decoration, collectively referred to as interior decoration. Its main content ⑴ automobile roof lining decoration. ⑵ side wall inner guard plate and door inner guard plate decoration. The decoration of ⑶ dashboard. The decoration of ⑷ seat. Car decorations A piece of ⑸ floor decoration. ⑹ decoration? It also includes car modification.

two-color body design, silver roof, luggage compartment and hood, and the lower half of

In addition to its light weight, due to the high heat resistance of EPP automotive pillows, polypropylene foam is more advantageous than polyethylene foam and polystyrene foam in areas where higher operating temperatures are required, such as sunshades, instrument insulation panels and areas where the temperature between the doors is easy to rise. However, in addition to the field of energy absorption and heat resistance, polypropylene foam also has good thermal weldability, which makes polypropylene foam is also widely used in car sheds, doors, car * panels, carpet support materials, sound insulation panels, door linings and luggage racks, etc., and its good thermal processing type makes it widely used in control boxes, shock-proof boards and other components. In addition, polypropylene foam can also make steering wheel, door inner panel energy absorption protection pad, buffer pad, headrest, toolbox, cushion, dashboard and so on.

In addition, in 2022, the media photographed Zhang Kaili showing up at the airport alone with her luggage, and the bag on the lever box was also eye-catching. Since 2018, Zhang Kaili has been photographed in front of the public with almost the same bag in her hand. she is rarely seen with a new bag, and the old bag has been following her for three years.